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David Nicholds and Daniel Atiyah have both decided to resign from the Beckford2041 Team,.  We would like to thank them both for their contribution, especially David who bore the brunt of the initial work and has now left the process well placed to proceed to a successful outcome.  However, we still would like some further assistance form other Parishioners to develop this plan.  So if you are interested please contact Martin Spice:  Acting Chair

The “planning clock” is inexorably ticking and how our village develops is, to a degree, up to us, the parishioners of Little Beckford, Grafton and Beckford.  Beckford2041 Steering Group aim to guide the “parish” through the complexities of planning to an agreed collective safe harbour.


The members of the Steering Group are listed below and each, like many, have an individual vision for the future of Parish life.


However, all Steering members share a passion that we leave a planned sustainable legacy agreed by the parish: and not a future dictated by short term opportunistic developers.


The Steering Group welcomes input from all parishioners in Little Beckford, Grafton and Beckford and as the Plan process in an iterative on-going process we need more help.

Steering Group Meeting 1st Monday every Month
Beckford Village Hall:  19.00hrs:



So, if you are keen to assist, have time and feel passionate about the future of the village, please contact David Nichols.


    Martin joined Beckford Parish Council in 2011 (or was it 2012, Diane).


    His experience as part of the team running the £325m investment portfolio and even larger property portfolio for the Hearts of Oak Friendly Society - founded by one of his forebears in 1842 - is brought to bear in his role as councillor.


    So too are his years running his own business in the corporate presentation sector, working with blue chip companies and government departments all over the world.


    Martin's travel experiences have taken him to ancient cities, war zones and remote places; and seen him drawn to a variety of crazy schemes including chicken farming in the rain forest of Papua New Guinea and promoting English tea ware to Japanese collectors.

    His interests lie in architecture, historic property, art history, antiques and the real truth behind European history.


    Martin acts as the council's Planning Chairman and represents us on the Bredon Hill Conservation Group.


    Graham Galer and his wife Hilary have lived in Beckford since 2012, having downsized and moved from Kent in order to be nearer family, including grandchildren, who live in Little Buckland and Temple Guiting. Before retirement he lived and worked around the world in the oil industry: now, he spends time travelling, studying, reading, on family affairs and taking part in village activities. He has found Beckford a very friendly village community, and would like to do what he can to help it preserve and develop its distinctive character


    The Coach House, Beckford Manor - past and present co-Chair of Parish Council.  A resident for over 10 years I have been committed to various community endeavors and I am passionate about the nature, quality and sustainability of the parish for all: as it faces many future challenges.


    My name is Lynette Mantle; commonly known as Nettie. I am 69 years old and was born in

    Stow on the Wold.

    I have been a resident in Grafton, with my husband, for twenty years. My husband was born

    in Grafton, as was his mother, in the house in which we live.

    My interests lie primarily within family; I have two children, three grandsons and one great

    granddaughter. I enjoy swimming and have long been a member of Royal Lifesaving Society

    UK, as an instructor with young children and with adult lifeguards. I can often be seen

    cycling round our villages and lanes on my orange tricycle checking defibrillators. Other

    interests are Girlguiding UK where I work with all age groups to adult training; church is a

    focal part of my life and I sing with the choir at St Barbara’s church in Ashton and deliver

    “Open the Book” at Ashton first school.

    Working life has been varied and has included Ambulance Service, Physical Therapy,

    Teaching special needs teenagers; currently I teach First Aid at Evesham College.

    Interests for our group of villages include: obtaining and maintaining defibrillators and

    delivering associated training, pothole reporting and road maintenance, local infrastructure

    for local people, A46, retaining quality dark skies, cycle accessibility. I am, currently, part of

    the group working toward our Neighbourhood Plan.


    Paul Worrall – has lived in Little Beckford for over 30 years where he and his wife raised two daughters who are now living and working in London; now semi-retired Paul worked in Information Technology and latterly Cyber Security and has a keen interest in horses and the countryside.


    II have lived in Beckford  - same place as Diane! - for over 10 years and as spouse of said ex PC Chair I am aware of the myriad issues facing the Parish and have been involved in past planning debates.  I am by (past) profession interested in the wider concept and practice of sustainability and concerned about the need for ongoing sustainable development of the Parish until 2041

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